Sunday, January 1, 2017

For You, the 'Other Writer'…

So at this time I would profess
—if the truth were to be told—
how every poem that you’ve refined
whispers through my heart and mind
and touches deep within my soul
Oh, that I had such gift as yours!
With subtlety and fine inflection
each story line and each reflection,
each lover's conflict you’ve endured
frozen there upon the page
seeks and speaks to inner core.

Where indeed do such words come
that touch upon such highs and lows,
to paint the hollows so profound
and grapple the unpolished truth?
I hang suspended and spellbound;
for in your words I see myself—
in this mirror that you’ve shared
each fault and glorious imperfection
through introspective interjection
my secrets called out and laid bare.

And so to you, I now confess,
to maestro wielding quill in hand—
I’ve seen my story on your page
as much as you have shared your own.
Through lines transcending time and age,
your tales regale what we have lived,
revealing secrets I have known.
While some aspire, others lead
in ever reaching for that bar,
as each one tries to plant a seed
in hopes that some may stop and read…

Seems for a moment I’ve digressed,
so venture, somewhat tentative
to credit one where credit’s due:
With admiration and respect
that’s earned or ascertained by few—
from moment when we first connected,
my benchmark has been set by you.

© Ginny Brannan 2017

Linked to dVerse Poets OLN #187


  1. Love when our writing is inspired by others, who can feel and touch our soul, our inner core ~ I must confess the same when I read the amazing verses by some of the poets that I admire ~

    So nice to see you Ginny ~ Hope you are well ~

  2. Other writers do set a benchmark as in your last line: "my benchmark has been set by you"

  3. That's the great thing about reading poetry.. you can be inspired to write better. Love the flawless meter and rhyme in those poem.

  4. The words of others could discourage us if we feel that we could never live up...but so much better when we allow those words to inspire and push us to greater heights. Wonderful piece!

  5. It is inspiring to read other poetry....and to write. This poem is beautiful,Ginny. xo

  6. My goodness! I am so very bewitched after reading this!❤️ Just love it!

  7. you write of the beauty of love in its purest form...bkm

  8. "I’ve seen my story on your page"--yes! So often we can recognize ourselves and our stories in others and find the commonality of the shared human experience in that :-)

  9. This is a beautiful examination of drawing inspiration from writing peers. And now I must say thank you, for your eloquence has certainly inspired me just as your muse inspired you.

  10. An ode to inspiration written with guile and some heart. Bravo.


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