Thursday, October 20, 2016

Off the Wagon

Image: Tom Harty Trapper's Fishcamp and Grill, Oklahoma City

Like a sponge I soak up the rosés  and burgundies,
golden Chambourds, Bourbons and Grand Marniers
the yellow-green Chartreuses and emerald Absinthes
… a sot in need of one. more. shot.

Just a steward in this cabinet of riches,
for six decades imbibing, sampling the goods,
savoring each flavor; knowing that soon
each one sours to brown, 
spilling to ground until gone.

Shaking with chill of withdrawal,
my twelve-step program starts now
counted by months
until my next binge.

© Ginny Brannan 2016

Image: G.Brannan Laurel Lake in Lee, MA

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  1. The colors are so reminiscent of autumn - Did you know mixed drinks were "invented" because of prohibition? The homemade "bathtub" whiskey tasted so bad they had to mix it with something in order to drink it.


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