Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Turn of Light

I’m really not as old as you perceive,
it’s turn of light that alters your impression.
How strange that we should count our age in years,
from the very moment that we’re birthed;
or maybe clock starts ticking at conception.

Perhaps it is a matter of perception:
how we view our lives from inside out.
While Time, that ticking Master of Deception
plays puppeteer without discrimination,
and in the view of mirror’s sad reflection
an older face stares out in disbelief.

In my mind I’m thirty-five years old—
some twenty-five more added for good measure;
more savvy than that early, carefree youth
and cognizant from years of introspection
that each one ages different, underneath.

There’s no deflecting natural progression—
each wrinkle gained and every single crease;
we overlook each line and imperfection
discerning life with youthful affirmation
until the moment that this heart should cease.

© Ginny Brannan 2016

Google Images: Used on multiple sites and articles.


  1. That's why we need a time machine! It is strange to think about aging (especially ourselves aging). A very thoughtful write, Ginny.

    1. Thanks Mary. I don't think we see ourselves aging as others may. I may look in the mirror and see more smile lines. Someone else may look and think I'm in total denial! BTW, hoping that time machine is a Tardis, and it comes with either Matt Smith or David Tennant! Shhh, don't tell Ray!

  2. As I continue aging (a more mundane statement I cannot imagine), I find myself constantly amazed at the changes to this person. I no longer feel 35; I never did. Great read, thanks.

    1. Thanks Buddah. Trust me, I am well aware of and not in denial of my age, but I refuse to think of myself in terms of "old." I work in a nursing home/rehab and am constantly reminded of the changes age brings, some people can be "old" at 59, some are still youthful and sharp at 97. I feel the minute I give in to the "idea" of being old will be the beginning of that downhill slide. Besides, I have a 30 year old son to keep me thinking young!


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