Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An Incredible Lightness of 'Being'

It happened without fanfare
no ticker tape, no announcement…
so subtle it was hard to say the exact moment
when the veil lifted,
the weight disappeared,
and calmness claimed
the place where pain had screamed.
Once again your blue eyes shown
  and hope danced in their brightness.

©  Ginny Brannan 2015


  1. I feel such a relief in reading this, knowing that weight - and the last two lines made me smile as well. Made me think a couple ways too. Someone waking up after a bad accident or a surgery and finally knowing they are ok - that one probably from my recent dealings with my gramma.

    1. Thanks "X." I know we are not the only ones traveling on this road. Hoping you are okay, and that your dear gramma is doing better.

    2. She is in a home now. She still thinks she will walk any day, and the permenance of her fall had not set in. She thinks she will leave the home when she heals - which sadly will be never - not fully at least.

  2. So happy things are getting better. Prayers.

  3. So glad to detect the glint of optimism in this!
    Steve K


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