Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Cynical Heart

Imagine a place with no pain existing,
where ills that are carried through life disappear.
Like Thomas, this heart is quite bent on resisting,
yet lingering questions insist on persisting;
their answers illusive and ever unclear.

And still I am finding my mind keeps returning
whenever the stillness and quiet appears.
I ponder the purpose of life, disillusioned—
the darkness that settles with no set conclusion;
for ages I've tarried, alone and austere.

I wonder how long I've withdrawn in seclusion,
closed off from emotion, my goals cast unclear—
Where cynical thoughts thrive without absolution,
despondent, in need of insightful intrusion…
does anyone notice behind this veneer?

In my heart I envision a child that’s running
and playing with others, no longer constrained—
surrounded by light of the love that he carries,
his purpose fulfilled, this small emissary
reminds us “Be happy, we'll meet once again.”

© Ginny Brannan 2015

Sharing at dVerse Poets Pub February 2015 OLN. Come celebrate the changing of the guard! Brian & Claudia, we are indebted to you both more than we can express—many thanks to both for all you have done, and for all of your support to the writers that share here. And all the best to both the old and new pub-tenders!


  1. there is a big difference between that kid running free and playing with others and the way we seclude ourselves...and maybe once it was for a good reason, to protect ourselves or what not....maybe we will meet that child once again...

  2. i hope for all of us that we're able to find that child in us again... i think the older we get the more bad experiences we made, the more we shut our heart - and it takes a wild decision to open up again to that childlike freedom and trust...

  3. I like the contrast of the last stanza of the light of love, versus the seclusion and despondency of the third stanza ~ I am imagining a place with no pain existing (if only)~

  4. Ah, there is definitely something about the stillness and the quiet that makes a person ponder on definitely is good at those times also to picture the child running. I think it is freeing to believe one still can...and must!

  5. cool picture... and our lives would be much better if only we'd let the child out once-in-while... nice write

  6. Sometimes that child feels very much alive, sometimes less so. As long as he/she runs and laughs we are fine.

  7. What a joyous poem so beautifully crafted asking all the right questions. Why don't we hold on to that sunniness of childhood, that anticipation of new adventures and discovery. We know there's more there but now only with travel does my heart trip the way it did then. Thank you!

  8. Hi Ginny--I so relate to this piece--especially the third stanza--that might have been me as a child--and I love the final stanza--makes me smile!!

  9. Oh I love the feeling of running free as a child again... Something we loose growing up when we cease to look at the world with a wonderous gaze.

  10. it is something we need to find in ourselves this simple happiness

  11. A very thoughtful and musical poem describing that renewal so many of us seek. Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)

  12. Alas, a question I ponder myself all too often: how to find that peace and joy again, how not to grow hard and cynical... A well-constructed poem, with some enchanting near-rhymes as well as perfect rhymes.

  13. On the one hand this evokes my own bitterness about some things and the inability to forgive or develope a humor that will allow me to play free once again. On the other hand, I kept feeling Poe's The Raven in your meter and feeling the phrase "nevermore." Neat!

    1. Susan, impressed that you picked up on the meter. As I was writing this I really did not have Poe on my mind, but when it was complete and I read it aloud, could hear the similarity. Thanks for catching that!

  14. I find myself in this place at times: for awhile growing up, I was that insecure teen who had no idea who he was, and scared to explore as well. I feel a bitterness, as sometimes I wish I could tell my younger self to not be so scared because I'll miss out on a lot of experience. I can't do that now; so I find myself shaking off the past, though it still knocks every now and then... and I answer.

  15. The inner child speaks to us in many ways and I wonder do we take the time to listen.

  16. We need to observe children to relearn what we have lost.
    Beautiful poem.

  17. Beautiful poem indeed, expertly crafted.
    May the child in us win through.
    Anna :o]

  18. And yet it does not end in cynicism. (Smiles.)

  19. This is beautiful! The meter hums along so sweetly, and the children dance throughout. The place with no pain... that is a place yet to be, and yet your words show no angst, no hurry to get there, just pondering the present and hoping for the future. A lovely piece, my dear. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Peace, Amy


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