Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Walk on a Winter's Night

Remembering a Christmas long ago…
we walked the village streets on winter’s night,
waiting for the rain to turn to snow

The church bells chiming carols, soft and low
reminding of the One who brought His light
on another Christmas, long ago.

The darkened stores awash in indigo
imparting their displays in twinkling white…
waiting for the rain to turn to snow.

The dampened road reflecting streetlights’ glow
shining as if it bathed in candlelight—
in mem'ries of that Christmas long ago.

We rallied from the cold like Eskimos,
butt'ning up our coats against the bite—
waiting for the rain to turn to snow.

Some memories we never quite outgrow
just store away to view when time is right…
remembering that Christmas long ago
and our delight when rain turned into snow.

© Ginny Brannan 

Image taken by Michelle Torres Lowe, borrowed from BFDDA (Bellows Falls Downtown Development Alliance)

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  1. So softly hopeful and magical. Yes. I lived in a small Northern Michigan town and everyone would come out to see the city tree lit with lights and the church bells would chime… sigh. (We always had snow in November - so we always wished for less - that is the only difference here I think) Loved it and glad you listened to me :)

  2. smiles...brought back memories of my own christmases...going to my great aunts and christmas being about family...even when i worked we were off by then and would head over just to be with them...i def like the small town feel...

  3. Ah - wonderfully done! Love the refrain along with the picture.

  4. Those Christmas memories live on in our heart forever, don't they?

  5. I also have sweet and fond memories of Christmas, especially when I was a child and we celebrated Christmas with a great aunt.

  6. yes, some memories stay forever, coming back when we need them...

  7. The best kind of sentiment expressed here, Ginny. I can remember walking village streets so long ago, though that doesn't seem to be done so much these days. A wonderful window into our past--one I hope doesn't ever disappear. I hope for the best of the Yule season for you and yours.

  8. Really lovely write and so wonderful to have memories like those--

  9. I think we all have those sweet memories of a snow at Christmas.. Very subtle Villanelle, but it works great with those small variations.

  10. the waiting for the rain to turn to snow... i can feel this physically almost... it has rained so much over here those last weeks here that i'm just longing for either sunshine or snow to brighten things up... and it's so precious that we don't outgrow those memories... wishing you a wonderful christmas time ginny...

  11. That gently haunting repetition of waiting for the rain to turn to snow is particularly relevant to us here, as it's far too mild and snowless for Christmas (our region relies on snow for tourism). A lovely wistfulness and nostalgia to this, Ginny, hope you have a white Christmas and much joy!

  12. Such a lovely memory, waiting for the rain to turn to snow ~

    Wishing you Merry Christmas Ginny ~

  13. Very sentimental, evocative, and rhythmic. I go with the flow, like falling snow. Thanks.

  14. I hope we never outgrow certain memories. Now, I was right there with you.

  15. Writing of your hometown and a Christmas of long ago in such an artful and beautiful piece of verse makes be feel warm and yet shiver in awe of your creative chops, dear Gin. You and your family have a blessed Christmas. Stay safe on all those mountain runs to Grandma's house. Ya hear?

  16. It is nice when the rain turns to snow on Christmas..pure magic..

  17. i can count the times that rain turns to snow.. what seems like

    less that two hands in over 5 decades that go...

    But truly that nostalgic moment still lives in me...

    As the flood of rains become magic..

    and Angelic flurry of one..

    delight of Nature's


    So White true and promised AND

    delivered in Life as Love....

  18. Ah--just a lovely Villanelle--really lovely--very delicately done. Thanks so much, Ginnie. Have a lovely holiday. k.


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