Monday, August 25, 2014

Until we meet again…

I will not say good-bye, my friend,
for that would mean our time must end.
Let’s linger here for just while,
it’s been so good to see your smile.

For just a moment, let’s pretend
to put aside good-byes, my friend.
We’ll reminisce on days long past,
on family, and friendships cast.

Then talk about what’s yet to be
the places that we’d like to see.
It’s too soon for good-bye, my friend,
there’s much to life we need attend.

How hard it is to see you go,
but there is one thing you should know—
  I’m sure one day we’ll meet again
    so this is not ‘good-bye, my friend

©  Ginny Brannan 2014

The Polish side of my family never said good-bye when leaving a gathering, but rather "dopóki się znowu nie spotkamy" i.e.: "until we meet again…" We don't know what will happen on any given day, but we hold onto the hope that no matter what, we will all meet again. This is for  one of my classmates. We were not close in school, but we reconnected on FB and then at class reunion in June. A heart attack took him suddenly on Saturday, August 23rd. For Tom..."until we meet again."


  1. i am sorry for your loss...
    i lost a good blog friend over the weekend...
    its tough...we never always surprises us too...
    but we never know...

  2. I'm staying close to your thoughts so nice.


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