Saturday, July 19, 2014

Spit and Polish

Polished wood and brass rail
stools lined up— just so—
labels from around the world
reflect in candle glow.

The leather booths are empty,
yet voices echo still—
the murmurs of camaraderie,
of laughter and goodwill.

Saddened that the hour is late
and all the world’s at rest;
when the pub is full again
is when it’s at its best.

So come ye poets… come ye bards….
to share your thoughts and lines,
your adjectives—your metaphors—
your dreams and your designs…

Come and  share the wonders
unleashed from deep within:
each note part of the symphony
let our song begin!

© Ginny Brannan 2014

Donovan's Irish Pub Springfield, MA (Our local pub!)

The 3rd Anniversary celebration at dVerse is winding down, but we aren't quite ready to call it over.  Stop by and see what others are sharing!


  1. love the call to the poets and bards! wonderful glimpse into the pub and yes, let the voices sing out! K

  2. Your right. It's hard to end a celebration. I like your poem, and look forward to the pub being full again with all our voices singing.

  3. Your poetry is music and it's music that we make when the poetry is right, the metaphors are fresh, and the emotions are full of truth. It's always a joy to read your work and see you at the pub! Thanks for your many comments at my place. G.

  4. yes - let our song begin... love all the different voices and styles and nationalities that walk through those doors...a great symphony - and your title made me smile

  5. ha. i dunno...i kind like those lulls between the rushes...when you get a chance to breathe and appraciate the little things....def a lyrical piece as well...and does take a little spit and polish as well...ha....

  6. Lovely verse here--our voices continue to echo long after last call!

  7. I love that ending:

    each note part of the symphony
    let our song begin!

    Good to see you at the pub Ginny ~

  8. Lovely invitation! At dVerse someone is awake round the clock, so the bar need not close and the symphony can play forever. I want to be part of it in the wee hours of someone's morning.

  9. I have a huge smile on my face after reading this...not because the celebration is ended but because it's all going to begin again! Smooth writing, Ginny.

  10. I could sing this! Lovely rhythm to these wonderful words!

  11. heard the call...let the song begin and last forever..nice lines :)

  12. after reading this, I feel this odd pulling sensation as though I'm being called forth to partake in something grand...which I believe is exactly the case. very well done!

  13. This made me feel a sense of belonging. What a great tribute to the Pub! :)

  14. This one dances...what a delightful invitation!

  15. Ahh..the poetry of many minds sings a symphony of sychronicity of the tapestry.. of one song...

    at least that's what i hear..after 40 to 60 poets ..a song i hear..

    Yes one song..of beauty..tapestry..

    of human being...
    i hear...
    as my words are running tired..

    but my spirit still..
    grows strong!


Thank you for reading my poetry and sharing your thoughts.