Monday, June 2, 2014

A Writer’s Quandary

The warm June air calls me to play
to take advantage of the sun
so many things that must be done
and it’s too nice to waste the day

The flowering shrubs have passed their prime
and threat of cold is finally gone;
plant the annuals—mow the lawn,
trim back the bushes—now’s the time!

The weathered deck’s in need of stain,
as daylight stretches into eve—
there’s so much more than first perceived;
look forward to a day of rain…

So should you stop to see what’s new
and find my posts are rare at best
it’s because I needed rest
tomorrow there will be more to do.

But don’t give up, for write I will…
when time allows and ink flows free;
the summer’s brief; the winter–still,
and pen will call again to me.

© Ginny Brannan 2014

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  1. write as you can...we have life to live...and things to do...i need to stain the deck as well...and i am enjoying the warm....

  2. Here in N.E. our weather has been erratic at best. One day last week 91 degrees, the next it dropped to 48, then back to 70! The past few days have been lovely though. My flowers are planted, the shrubs are trimmed, the deck almost all done. Trimmed my roses and fed them today. The next 4 days I work! Sorry to have missed OLN, but nothing particularly special to share. Hopefully next time! Thanks for stopping by, my friend! :-)


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