Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Clean-Up

There’s something about the feel
of damp earth between my fingers—
the smell of newly turned soil,
rich… dark…awaiting first touch.
There’s joy in that first sighting
of  earthworms—exposed…scrambling...
anxiously returning to their hiding places—
that speaks to the continuity of life
after the long and barren winter.

There’s an escape that calls on the wind
blowing on this overcast day
perfumed with the promise of rain.
I continue my annual ritual—
finding peace in the solitude;
contentment in the silence—
lost inside season’s change.

© Ginny Brannan 2014


  1. oh i feel the pull of the call of the wild..
    and love to get my hands dirty....smiles
    we have been excavating one of the flower beds
    tearing out invasive roots and such and have touch many a creepy crawly
    in the process...

  2. Yes, there is something healing and joyful about gardening. Especially in spring, after a long winter. Delightful!


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