Friday, December 20, 2013

Casting Stones

How often during a single day
do we make a judgment call
to criticize what others say
and judge what we don’t know at all?

Perhaps it is some ingrained need
to voice superiority,
or conflicts with what we perceive
that makes us act pejoratively.

But what gives us a special right
to cast out stones so randomly—
with cruel and zealous words indict
while spreading the hostility?

For only He who holds the key
to kingdom’s gate can truly know
what’s inside another’s heart
the rest of us should let it go.

© Ginny Brannan December 2013

A bit of a rant, in light of the social networking commentaries abounding the past few days. So many criticisms, not enough understanding. If we judge others harshly, with out-of-context facts and no attempt to understand their side, what kind of person does that make us? 


  1. So true...I see it all the time. So easy to make assumptions yet so good to stop a moment and wonder why and feel compassion for someone else.

  2. I hope everyone reads this, Ginny. You give a lesson that all should learn and internalize. Happy Holidays.
    Steve K.

  3. true...not a pretty truth, but true none the takes quite a bit of discipline not to be judgemental...even the little ones can be harmful and make us miss out on some beautiful things in life....

  4. I've been so "out of it" lately - no news, not internet - pretty much in my own world for 8 days … but yes, I so agree. Tend to our own failings - that should keep us busy for a long time - and what a better world it would be!


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