Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Dreams Die

To view the light through shrouded veil
while all around dark shadows fall,
and struggle on to no avail--
embittered, broken by the squall.

There is no freedom, no parole
entrapped by all your lies and schemes.
You’d rip one’s heart and burn their soul,
and finally dissipate their dreams.

Few words are said, but actions speak
with contradiction, no remorse;
the constant struggle leaves one weak,
and laboring to stay the course.

Disarmed by masterful disguise,
you shrewdly stole all self-esteem--
much too late I realize
that you would kill the dream I dream.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Sharing at d'Verse Poet's Pub Open Link Night Week #88


  1. ugh...there are def dream stealers out there that will weasel their way in with charm and take them before we even notice....really cool form in this as well ginny....the rhyme scheme dances us through...nice imagery in the opening as well int eh light through the veil...

  2. oh heck...no fun to discover that a person you are close with turns out to be someone who steals others dreams...often it's a subtle process and we realize only when it's almost too late...tightly written ginny

  3. There are masters of disguise out there..this is intense and a great capture..and I know because a long time ago someone had killed the dream for me...

  4. Ginny, you are fabulous. I enjoy everything thing you write. Where your poetic voice comes from, keep listening, keep transcribing. You do fabulous work.

  5. Yet another tightly spun tale. I love the rhyme and meter in your work. No need to visit back, Ginny---no post from me this week. Still workin'....


    1. First time I've posted in a while Steve, tied up with work too!

  6. Hi,

    I enjoyed this one and who dares to steal someone's dream..I think may can relate to this feeling.

  7. Specially like that last line - you would kill the dream I dream. Lovely words here Ginny ~

  8. IT is sad that there are those that revel in anothers sadness, only being happy when tearing another down. Well done piece. And ain't that work thing a B! Wearing me out lately

  9. A dream lost to deceit is such a sad thing. You've captured it well with the rhyme.

  10. "Disarmed by masterful disguise" how that betrayal resonates! Thoughtful write :) xo

  11. Rhyme and meter excellent, content brilliant.

    Oh those that deceive us...

    Anna :o]

  12. First, what an astounding use of meter and rhyme. Perfect.

    Resonates is an excellent description for the effect of this poem. Stealing dreams... it should be one of the seven sins.

    Powerful message driven home by the craftsmanship of this write. Very well done.

  13. Lovely rhythm to this piece Ginny. Such a shame that there are those who specialize in destroying our dreams, even though they often have no dreams of their own.

  14. Some people thrive on other's tragedy. An all too familiar message beautifully constructed. Well done again honey.

  15. Perfectly penned. I enjoyed this very much!


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