Sunday, April 1, 2012


Night falls, and Morpheus calls my name;
I start to dream, nothing seems the same.
Ghoulish creatures without features have appeared--
hellish sounds now surround me, feeding fear.
Toss and turn,  their voices churning in my head;
muscles tighten from the sight of living dead.
As dawn arrives, learn I’ve survived the night,
released and freed, the evil seed fades from my sight.
Each waking hour, still I scour each darkened shape
search out the doors on every floor for my escape.

©  Ginny Brannan April 1, 2011



  1. whew ginny...not sure i would want to sleep again after that visitation....and probably a walking zombie after just surviving the night...

  2. wonderful scripted tribute to "all ghouls day".
    Here in Ireland we call April 1st "All fools day". lovely structure and form! the nightmare sensation is very common but described thus is very uncommon!

  3. that you built Morpheus in...and very cool flow ginny...and you def. capture that trapped feeling well..

  4. Amazing rhythm and rhyme for such a grim subject. Love the imagery you present - the loving dead- ive met a few of those in my dreams before (too may zombie films ha ha). Love the 'searching out doors on every floor' - just left me with this anxiety, like being chased....Great poem Ginny! I'm so pleased you made it to the pub!

  5. A forthright direct address of the nightmare theme, upping the structural ante with rhymed couplets.

  6. Very nice rhyming words....and your picture is so frightening ~

    Great to see you here ~

  7. visceral yet supernatural; scary stuff

  8. Wow, lots of internal rhyme and alliteration going on here. Bringing it into the waking life makes it even creepier. Good one, and the picture you have with it is perfect.

  9. Oh how I wish I could write like this. The rhythm, the ryhme, the alliteration - everything combines to make your nightmare almost a thing of beauty ... almost! And having survived the night, what horrors will the day bring?

  10. Love this, Ginny. Love the rhyming couplets and the in-line rhymes too. Not (quite) as scary as some of the others submitted, but then some of them were horrific! I think I prefer your version of nightmare ;-) and it has to be said your words capture the visceral, non-rational nature of dreams and nightmares.

    Well written, M'am!

  11. so what's worse, the nightmare or the waking hours?

    semantic feeling


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